Buy Syrups


Purchase any of our amazing flavors & syrups in Quarts & Gallons!

We sell all of our flavors & syrups for those wanting to make shave ice at home, school, workplace, or for their very own shave ice business!

  GALLON of Syrup is $15.00 and a QUART of Syrup is $8.00

We also sell our plastic long neck bottles with a pouring spout for $2.00.

During our operating season you can call or visit our Eastside or Westside Indoor Stores in Norman to make an order & pick up that day.

Please give us a call at 405.818.841 or visit our contact us page to send us an email to make your order today!

We can also ship our ready to use syrups to anywhere in the United States.

Each order we ship will incur any standard shipping & handling charges.

For any bulk order (more than 4 gallons or 6 quarts, we need at least 4 hours to get your order ready for same day pick up in the stores.)

For a list of all of our individual flavors & syrups for sale please visit our menu page.